Starter Plan and Plants

Set up and all materials: $175.00 with biweekly maintenance plan for $65 per month.

Starter plants includes: 1 X Saneveria Zylancia – 1 x Dracaena Janet Craig – 2 X Golden Pothos

The starter plan also includes matte black, recycled plastic, commercial grade planters for all the plants.

  • Plants can be changed or added to with an additional cost. Our catalog has pictures of all the standard interior plants.
  • The starter plan cost includes moss, saucers, and foam.
  • The planters can be upgraded to square, different colors, sizes, and fiberglass.
  • Month-month maintenance plans, no contract required.
  • All plants are guaranteed for 5 years, and free replacement of plants due to poor maintenance. Plant guarantee does not include theft or damage.
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