Service Plans and Leasing Options

Temecula Plantscape is happy to offer customized monthly maintenance plans to fit any size project or budget. Please contact us today for a free consultation.

Our entry level plan includes the items listed below for an initial set up fee of $175.00 and a monthly maintenance fee of $75.00. All plants are guaranteed for 5 years and include free replacements due to poor maintenance. Plant guarantee does not cover theft or damage. All maintenance plans are month to month with no contract required.

  • Plants: 1x Sansevieria Zeylanica – 1x Dracaena Janet Craig – 2x Golden Pothos.
  • Pots: Matte black, recycled, commercial grade planters for all plants. Plants can be upgraded or increased for an additional cost. Please reference our Plant Catalog for plant pictures. The starter plan cost includes moss, saucers, and foam.

Short and long-term leases are available to clients who do not wish to purchase plants and containers. All leased plants are covered by our guaranteed maintenance plan.

Short-term lease terms: $5.00/day for small plants, $8.00/day for large plants. A minimum of 5 plants over a span of 5 days is required. The photo gallery below includes some of the plants available. Planters are available in white, black and brown.

Long term lease terms vary and available upon consultation.